AVALANCHE Light Medium — 1pc

The AVALANCHE Pendant Light is a masterful blend of form and function. Anchored by a brushed brass tube with an internal LED stripe, it features a medium-sized glass shade*, beautifully capturing the amorphous nature of glass in its semi-liquid state.

The result is a luminary that evokes the mesmerizing dance of a glass lava avalanche, illuminating spaces with both light and artistry.

LED module, 2700K, 14W
Black Textile Cable, 150 cm

* color of the glass shades to be agreed


brushed brass, colored bent glass — clear, storm grey, dark grey


Ø 5.5 x 60(h) cm, various sizes of the glass shades


Klára Janypková, Tomáš Kučera, 2023

20 830,00