Jasmine Candle 120 ml

The scent of jasmine calms you down and evokes positive emotions. Thanks to the calming and aphrodisiac effects of the essential oil, it creates in your home a warm and cozy atmosphere.
As the wax gradually decreases, dunes — a characteristic feature of the DUNES collection — appear on the glass.
Jasmine needs to be treated with emotion, it is a very strong scent, so this candle is designed to caress your soul with its softness.
Prepared in collaboration with Svíčkuj.


100% natural soy wax, jasmine essential oil, hand-blown crystal glass


Ø7 x 11(h) cm


For ideal burning, keep the candle wick 4-5 mm long, we recommend cutting before each ignition. After switching off, let the candle cool down.


Tomáš Kučera & Svíčkuj, 2021